earlyWinter  Share CSA - Registration Now OPEN

Our earlyWinter Share CSA extends the local produce season into November and December.  If you are looking to continue to eat local, join us for 9 weeks of fresh produce.  The winter CSA runs from October 31st  through December 21st, 8 weeks of distribution, with the last week containing extras to run through the holidays.  By joining the winter CSA, members receive fresh greens like lettuce, arugula, napa cabbage, bok choi, mache, claytonia, green and red cabbage, kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, broccoli rabe and sprouting broccoli.  The winter share also includes root crops, such as carrots, beets, leeks, potatoes, watermelon radish, turnips, rutabaga, onion, shallot, salad radish, daikon radish and more variety!  We grow 100% of the produce for our Winter Share, members can remain confident their produce is coming straight from our farm and as fresh as possible.  Sign up and pay today to guarantee your share, space is limited. 

*Sample weeks from last year's Winter CSA are shown in the pictures to the right.​​

CSA Shares
Pick-up Day

Pick-up Location and Times

Swedesboro Farm                             

Wednesday 330pm-730pm

Friday from 330pm - 730pm      

Constellation Collective, Collingswood              The Station, Merchantville

Thursday 1130am - 3pm                                            Thursday 12pm - 9pm

                                           The Square Meal, Oaklyn

                                        Thursday 1130am - 8pm

 Register for 2018 CSA

Mail a check or drop off your payment to:

D&V Organics, LLC

304 Franklinville Rd.

​Swedesboro, NJ 08085

PayPal payments can be made below and require an additional fee

*Additional Fees are applied for Credit Card Purchases

Risks and Rewards

Experiencing the ever-changing variety and freshest produce each week is a highlight of joining our CSA.  By picking up at our farm each week, customers have the opportunity to talk with us and see the vegetables growing in the fields.  Our extensive experience in farming over the years gives us a competing edge and the skills necessary to grow some of the best produce for our customers.  Shareholders share the risks associated with farming and should expect to experience the ups and downs of the farming season. When our crops do well, we are able to provide more to our shareholders, and if we have a crop that does not perform as expected, our ability to provide that crop to our shareholders will be limited.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 

Our CSA program, distributed from our Swedesboro farm and area businesses, is the best way to get the freshest produce on your table.  Shareholders pay ahead of the farming season and receive a weekly distribution of the farm's seasonally available produce (similar to a subscription). Never joined a CSA before? Oftentimes, members split a share with a neighbor or friend. Choose a pickup day and visit the farm weekly or pick up your share at one of our remote distribution sites.  Joining D&V Organics CSA is a great way to get to know the farmers and where your produce is grown.  As the season progresses, the items we grow and harvest  for you will change each week.  Simply fill out the form below, mail in or make your payment through PayPal to secure your share and we will contact you with all of the CSA details. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the farm or the CSA program by clicking the contact us link.​​

earlyWinter Share Size - Suitable for a family of 2-3, the share contains 5-8 different produce items, with a changing variety each week.

$275 for On-Farm Pickup

$295 for Off-Farm Pickup

Pay for Share



​​Main Season CSA - 

D&V Organics 24 week CSA runs from mid-May through October 2018.  Our main season CSA is a great way to eat locally and experience the changing of the seasons through our produce.  100% of the produce distributed to our members is grown by us at our farm in Swedesboro, NJ.  In the Spring, members will receive an assortment of the freshest spring greens like lettuce, spinach, baby arugula and mesclun mixes, snap peas, broccoli, kale, radishes, beets, carrots and more.  As summer sets in, we begin harvesting and distributing an assortment of tomatoes, from regular slicing tomatoes to cherry tomatoes and heirlooms.  Members can expect watermelon and cantaloupes, green beans, squash, cucumbers, peppers and more throughout the summer months.  As the fall months set in we will be harvesting cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli rabe, leeks, fresh herbs and various root vegetables.  We keep it interesting for our members and grow not only standard vegetables, but introduce new unique vegetables that are prized for their flavor, don't worry we'll provide recipes too!  D&V Organics has the greatest diversity of vegetables of any CSA in South Jersey, with about 100 different varieties grown! 

Medium Share - $450 Farm Pickup     $490 Off-farm Pickup 

Suitable for 1-2 people per week, medium shares contain 

6-8 different types of produce items each week.

Large Share - $660 Farm Pickup     $685 Off-Farm Pickup

Recommended for 3-4 people per week.  The large share 

has more diversity with 7-10 different types of produce

items each week.​​


Grown by us,

for you!